‘Abdu’l-Ghanī an-Nābulusī (d. 1143 AH)
Idah al-Dilalat fe sama´ al-Alat
Elucitdating proofs about listening to musical instruments

It is a masterpiece by a jurist, theologian and Sufi from Damascus, Shaykh ‘Abdu’l-Ghanī an-Nābulusī, on the fair and authentic balanced judgment on music and singing in Islam. Lavishly furnished with foreword to the text, introduction about the author, elucidating footnotes and a postscript on the technical terminology encountered in the main body of the work, it spreads out a luscious carpet of several pearls of wisdom on arch-topics in Islam, such as the need for equanimity in assessing matters, the obligation to avoid having a bad thought about one's brethren, the pairing of Law and Reality, the evils caused by the rigid jurists of the commonality, and the abiding presence of Allah's friends on the earth.

A must read available for the first time to the English-speaking world.

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